Contrac – All Weather Blox. The Volvo of rodenticides

It’s seen from afar when a rodenticide is at a higher quality level. The fact that this product is used by most professional rat exterminators speaks for itself.

“Cheaper by the dozen”


We have to stop this urge to classify this product as an expensive one at first sight. Looking more closely you will understand why.contrac-all-weather-blox

Contrac Blox is a little pricier that one would expect it to be, but surprisingly, the price per pound is lower than for almost any other rodenticide. True, it is sold only in large quantities due to the new EPA regulations passed on June 4, 2011; Contrac Blox can now only be sold in at least 16 pounds pack, which is why they have to sell the 4lb pail by the case.

We do not want to talk about other items in this article, nor do we wish to mention the price. To see and compare product prices, click on the button below. Divide the product price to its weight (lb) to see the price per pound, and to be able to compare it with other products. Almost no other rat poison will match Contrac – All Weather Blox‘s price.

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No. 1 bait block used by professionals

Calling for a professional team, you’ll not only pay a few hundred dollars more, but the chances they will use the same product you’ll be able to get cheaper from here, are very high. It’s counter-productive to pay someone to do the same job you can do on your own, at a much lower price.

Is it indeed so effective?


Yes it is, and it’s not  said by us; facts speak for themselves. As mentioned above, most professional rat control teams use Contrac Blox , and this will only provide credibility to the product. Added to this are the several hundred reviews found online, reviews written by people who used Contrac Blox with great results.

Contrac – All Weather Blox promises to kill mice and rats in single feeding. Not to be misunderstood though, death occurs after several nights, sometimes even up to five. Single feeding means that one meal would suffice for a lethal dose of poison. It’s enough for a rodent to take a few bites from this poison, and its fate is sealed.

What makes it so effective?


Almost any rat poison is lethal. In fact, all the rodenticides that are allowed on the market are previously analyzed in special laboratories, and they must guarantee certain levels of safety and effectiveness. But a lot of them are not as near as effective as Contrac Blox.


Here are some pros:

  • What distinguishes it from other products are its perfect chemical composition and presentation. The active ingredient is mixed in optimal proportion with several other food-grade ingredients and a type of synthetic wax (parrafin) to give it the perfect texture and flavor. After the fabrication process, the finished result will have an irresistible flavor and consistency for mice and rats.
  • The active ingredient, which is responsible for rodent’s poisoning, is classified as a second generation poison; this means rodents only need a single meal (few bites) for a lethal dose. Bromadiolone, also called “super-warfarin” kills even the warfarin-resistant individuals. Because of its extra high effectiveness in the presence of Vitamin C, Contrac Blox will have even better results where rodents have Vitamin C in their menu, making it extra-effective against garden rats.
  • Bait shyness will not be a problem when using this product. Bait shyness is a condition developed especially in rats, which prevents ingesting a lethal dose of poison by taking only small bites from unknown foods . Due to increased efficiency, the rodent will die from a single feed, without letting the bait shyness kick in.
  • Active ingredient will cause internal bleeding, leading to slow and painless death. Because the poisoning symptoms are not felt immediately, rodents won’t learn to associate this poison with danger.
  • Contrac Blox can be used in any season, and it’s all weather suitable. It stays active a long period in humid conditions, especially if used in bait stations. It is necessary to store the product tightly closed, protected from factors that can hasten degradation, such as humidity, heat or frost. Under optimal conditions will last for years.

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Ingredients and presentation


Contrac Blox active ingredient is Bromadiolone (0,005%), which is mixed with other food-grade ingredients and a low wax (99.995%). In composition is also found Denatonium Benzoate which is the most bitter substance known to man, and has the role to protect against unintentional ingestion. This gives extra safety in hazardous areas where children, house pets, livestock or wild animals could come in contact with the poison. protecta-bait-station

Contrac – All Weather Blox are shaped as cubic blocks, perforated in the middle to be easily set in bait stations. It is recommended to use these stations to reduce risks of unintentional ingestion by children or pets, to a minimum. Shallow trenches on bait blocks are designed to appeal to a rodent’s desire to gnaw.

What about involuntarily poisoning? Anything on the label?


Accidents always happen, and luckily there is an effective antidote for this poison. At the slightest sign of intoxication talk to a doctor, or take your pet to the veterinary.

The antidote for poisoning with Bromadiolone is Phylloquinone, or simpler, Vitamin K1. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that is stable to air and moisture but decomposes in sunlight. It is found naturally in a wide variety of green plants, particularly leaves, since it functions as an electron acceptor during photosynthesis, forming part of the electron transport chain of Photosystem I. It is often the reason why dogs eat grass and leaves when they have poisoning symptoms.

However, the fact that the antidote is easy to find and always available, must not lead to relaxation when using Contrac Blox or any other rat poison. Always use the product in the safest conditions, given the possibility of secondary poisoning (poisoning by getting in contact, or eating a poisoned animal). Pets and especially wildlife (owls or foxes) will often feed on dead animals. Check for, and remove dead rodents as often as possible; please keep the environment safe for animals too.

Contrac Blox Label
Contrac Blox MSDS

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