D-con Rat Poison

D-con also referred as Decon, have had a huge blow to their rat poison production in the start of the 2016. EPA cancelled 12 products, leaving them with only a handful of products to reclaim the market. D-con Rat Poison was a major player in the rat poison industry; their products were among the most powerful, hence the trouble they got into.

These are no longer found in commerce

Product Name  EPA Registration No.
d-CON Concentrate Kills Rats & Mice 3282-3
d-CON Ready Mixed Kills Rats & Mice 3282-4
d-CON Mouse Prufe Kills Mice 3282-9
d-CON Pellets Kills Rats & Mice 3282-15
d-CON Mouse Prufe II 3282-65
d-CON Pellets Generation II 3282-66
d-CON Bait Pellets II 3282-74
d-CON Ready Mixed Generation II 3282-81
d-CON Mouse-Prufe III 3282-85
d-CON Bait Pellets III 3282-86
d-CON II Ready Mix Baitbits III 3282-87
d-CON Bait Packs III 3282-88

Knowing these we can leave aside any suspicions that some of their products might not work. They work and they don’t discriminate, beware! The number of positive reviews on Amazon for these rat poisons is astonishing.


D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets

One of the last standing, this product is little bit more pricey, but is worth every penny.

You may buy a cheaper product, but chances are that will not do its job. More than that, the rats might learn to avoid the poison, money thrown away. You may call for a specialized service but they will only try to force you a monthly subscription, or they’ll stall and charge you for every intervention. After that you will be left with a false sense of security, and an unfinished business.

Take the matter into your hands, and do things the right way. It sometimes gets messy, but hey, no pain no gain. In fact, is not as messy as people tend to believe it is. The only unpleasant part is to get rid of the carcass, if any.D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets

D-con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets kills in single feed. This means no more resilient rats that learn to avoid the poison. Kills also the Warfarin resistant rats, which are known to be immune to almost any type of poison. This is extremely beneficial, since immune rats tend to pass the immunity gene. No more immune rats.

This product, besides killing the rodent, makes it thirsty and dehydrates the rat. This means the rats tend to go outdoors seeking a water source, and die outside. The best part is the odor is missing most of the times. And even if the odor sets in, it will disappear in less than 24 hours.

This product comes ready portioned in plastic trays, no need to get your hands dirty or get an accidental spill. Place the trays in hidden, inaccessible spots, away from pets or wildlife since it’s extremely toxic. If possible keep the pets enclosed, or move them to a friend or relative during the treatment.

Keep placing the poison until you observe it stops disappearing, even if no dead rats are to be seen.

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