Most Effective Rat Poison Baits on the Market

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Improper usage of rodenticides, without sufficient knowledge often leads to collateral casualties, from either wildlife or pets. Please read all the safety instructions and usage conditions before placing the poison baits. If you have uncertainties about anything related to rat poison, feel free to contact us by our Contact form, or place a comment below this article. We are updating information on our website everyday.

If you are convinced that rat poison is the most suitable rat control method that you need, we compelled the information found online for the most efficient poisons on the market. Beside the information presented below, we reviewed separately best rat poison baits from Motomco. Take a look at this article:

D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets


d-con-rat-mouse-bait-pelletsAlso known as the D-Con Pellets, this is the top product from poisons category produced by Reckitt. It is known to kill even the warfarin resistant Norway rats.
For those who do’t know yet, warfarin is an anticoagulant poison, and its first properties were discovered by some cattle farmers in the early 1920s. After 20 years of testing and experimenting, the chemists fully understood the chemical implications of warfarin and vitamin K. It was soon introduced as an odorless and tasteless rodent poison, and it was extremely effective at its time. But soon a genetic mutation made some rats and mice immune to this poison, allowing the healthy individuals to spread over the entire world. The mutation makes the rodents immune to diphacinone too, hence this is the reason why some poisons just don’t work. The truth is that all the poisons work, but in many cases the wrong poison is used.

It works for rats, mice, voles, squirrels, chipmunks and pretty much any other critter. Unfortunately, it has its fair share on collateral damage, so please use it with extreme cautious, keeping it out of reach of your pets. Whenever it is possible search for the dead rodents and put them in sealed plastic bags before tossing them away.


Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait


havoc-rat-mouse-baitA suitable poison for both indoor and outdoor rat infestation, will work indefinitely. Due to its all-weather characteristic, it’s mostly used around farms or garden buildings.

It is one of the few poisons of which ingredients dehydrate the rat before killing so there’s no dead rat odor. Also it kills extremely fast and not giving the rats time to crawl in inaccessible places; most of the rats are found dead near the poison.

Active ingredient: brodifacoum second-generation; kills in just one feeding. As in all cases of poison solution for rats, use it with extreme care. Think twice and plan meticulously before throwing the baits at random around the farm or in the garden. Always be prepared to dispose of the dead rats as fast as possible, not giving the chance for an owl or any other predator or pets to come in contact with the carcass.

Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait is perfectly usable even in winter, where other poison baits might freeze and become unattractive for pests.


Ramik green all-weather pellets


ramik-green-all-weather-pelletsOne of the best outdoor poisons; specially designed for moist conditions, it attracts all kind of pets. Be careful though, it is very enticing for pets too. Place the nuggets in bait stations if you can’t keep your dog or cat out of its reach. Active ingredient is Diphacinone, an anticoagulant poison.
Many customer reviews said that the rodents chew into the packet before opening because of the powerful scent. This could come in handy when you need to place the bait in inaccessible place. Just poke some holes into the package, and throw it to the infested area.


D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits


d-con-ready-mix-bait-bitsPresented often as a mice killer, it does a perfect job at killing rats too. In fact, a derivate of this product, kills even the warfarin resistant pests. D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits is an anticoagulant based poison, from second generation; which means rats die after multiple feedings, after a few days. This aspect is truly beneficial in areas where rats are known to be extremely cautious. Killing the rats in slower rate, it gives time even to the shy ones to try the bait.

D-con pellets works by dehydrating the organism after ingestion, making the rodent extremely thirsty. After drinking water, the poison dilutes the blood vessels, causing a massive internal bleeding. The rats stop feeding, and become more and more latent. Eventually they die dehydrated, without pain and without leaving a very bad odor.

As for any other poison, use it with extreme care, out of reach of wildlife, pets or children. Fortunately, there is a known antidote for Brodifacoum, the Vitamin K, which reverses the effects.

In many cases of D-con pellets poisoning, the rodent go outside and die. You may take this into consideration when dealing with rats in walls or in attic.


Farnam Just One Bite


farnam-just-one-biteProduced by Farnam, this is one of the fastest killing rat poison. The active ingredient is Bromadiolone 0.005%, first generation. This means the rodents die from a single dose. Bromadiolone is an anticoagulant poison, which causes internal bleeding after ingestion. The other 99.995% ingredients are pure rat attractants. It has a waxy consistency, and it’s easy to brake it in smaller pieces, for a wider area spreading.

Use it only if you intend to get rid of a small colony, up to a dozen rats. Farnam Just One Bite will not work for large groups, since rats are adaptable and will eventually learn to avoid eating it. The anticoagulant ingredient affects other animals in the food chain too. A predator who ate an intoxicated rat, could suffer the same consequences.

Always use gloves when handling the poison and the dead rats. Break the poison bars over a napkin to avoid spreading the crumbs that might break. Because of the potential danger to wildlife or pets, always put them in tight plastic bags before throwing them into the trash. If you have pets, place the poison bars into a feeding station.

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