Electric Rat Traps. Clean and Fast Kill

The electric rat trap is the most used device in traps category. Its versatility and almost 100% kill chance put this item on top when trying to find the best rat trap. With some state of the art models, Victor electronic rat trap is a major player into the pest control market.

Electric rat trap. Clean, humane, instant kill

Electronic rat traps are powered by some “C” batteries, most of the time 4 of them, which manufacturers say that will kill as much as 50 rats. Of course this is only marketing strategy, and usually the batteries last long enough to kill 20 rats. To lower the cost you can buy rechargeable batteries for your electric rodent trap. A green and a red led are placed on every electric rat trap; green is the signal for a catch, and red is the “low battery” warning.

Since all the traps work with an enticing bait, the electronic rat killer is no different. The bait placed as close as possible to the back wall, will lure the rat it which will eventually step on a metal plate. After triggering the plate, the electric rat trap will release a shock which kills the rats in a couple of seconds if the batteries are full. As for bait, some common household goodies will do: peanut butter, cheese, bacon or cat/dog mashed food.

Rat Trap - No Mess Infrared Sensing Rodent Zapper

Electric Rat Trap – No Mess Infrared Sensing Rodent Zapper

Is recommended to set the trap baited but inactive for a couple of days, up to one week, to allow the rats to overcome the bait shyness and accommodate with the new object and feeding in it. This way, the electric rat traps are more effective and need smaller amounts of time to attract the rodents. Always place the device near runways, such as walls, ledges or behind potential hiding objects.

Advantages over other methods
You can’t set poison bait everywhere, they involve a great risk to your children, pets or livestock; even if they don’t ingest it directly, they could still get sick from secondary poisoning. In these cases an electronic rat trap would do the perfect job, since it presents no harm, but keep in mind to keep small pets away from it. It kills instantly, which doesn’t let the rodent alert the other individuals through pheromones release. It has a catch indicating led and a low battery led, to avoid filling the trap or worse, not killing the rodent in case of low electric shock. It is considered a humane method since the rat dies instantly. You can dispose of the rats right away, by tilting the trap, so the rat can slide into a plastic bag without touching it, unlike poison where the rats could die in hidden places and release disgusting odor.

Another very good advantage of this kind of trap is the extremely fast killing. Not common knowledge, but rats (and other mammals) emit stress pheromones when in danger. The electric shock kills the rodent so fast, that the body doesn’t have the time to emit the pheromones which could alert the other individuals. Even a snap trap with its fast killing can’t avoid this rat warning system, and rats become aware not because of the sight of the dead rat caught in the trap, but because of the distress pheromones present in the area. The best electronic rat trap will shut the electric current off after every kill, to preserve power and to let the next rat enter the trap.

They are not water proof, don’t use them outdoor. Not very suitable in stables or poultries where livestock could damage it, or even worse rats could burrow underneath it and tip it over; a solution for this scenarios are protective boxes found on the market, or some properly set materials found around the house. Short batteries lifespan could be another issue, but you could buy rechargeable batteries to reduces maintenance costs.

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