Hoont Powerful Electronic Rodent Trap Review

Later arrival into the electronic rat traps market, Hoont promises to be a very efficient trap. Numerous five star reviews on Amazon indicate that this is a state of the art product in this industry. Although a little higher priced than its competitor’s product, you will see the money value in this item.

ratWe’ll start off with its most powerful advantage: the Advanced Smart Detection Technology, which basically means exactly what it says. The device will activate upon infrared detection, preventing unnecessary power usage. The electric shock discharges only when the rat steps simultaneously onto two different plates. Don’t worry, this is easier than it looks; the attached image explains it in detail.

Plug-In or Batteries. The device comes with an adapted power cord, or it can be powered with 4 ‘D’ batteries. This will come in handy if you need to set the trap in remote places, such as attic corners, or other areas without electrical outlets. Do not leave it outdoors without proper cover, the rain will damage it. If the trap is placed in a hard to reach area, or if you wish to interfere with it as least as possible, the Extension Indicator will signal if the electronic trap was activated

buy from amazonHumane killing. This should be a general characteristic of any basic electronic rat trap, but unfortunately there are some devices that fail at this simple task. Rats are known to restart their hearts after an electric shock, so a weak electric discharge, or a short one would likely just scare the rat away, leaving it with serious internal damage to die after a few hours from internal bleeding, or worse after a few days from dehydration. The Hoont Powerful Electronic Rodent Trap, discharge a 7000V electric shock, killing the rat in an instant, without pain.

Clean and safe. To clean the trap simply slide the dead rodent in a trash bin, or better in a bag to prevent odors. If you’re sensitive to this stuff, take a black garbage bag with the opening larger than the trap’s opening. Slide the rat into the bag, and make a simple knot.

If you are unsure what bait should be used, just check this baiting article.

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