Is Victor Electronic Rat Trap a Good Choice?

We did our best to gather all the information scattered around the web about this rodent control products, and help you make a decision.

Victor electronic rat trap. Pros and cons

These traps don’t discriminates. As long as you follow the instructions correctly, this traps will get both rats and mice. A victor electronic rat trap does a humane kill, which means the rat will not suffer from unnecessary stress, poison intoxication or suffocation in glue traps. It delivers a quick, clean kill and easy disposal and resetting.

Not suitable for outdoor usage. Rain, dust and other factors could easily deteriorate the device. Also using them in barns, poultries or other potentially risk areas, may damage your units.

Affordable prices. Most of the cases you have to buy more than one unit, getting you out of your budget. But it is much cheaper than calling a pest control worker which will easily strip you out of a few bucks, and often leaving you with an unfinished job. Batteries exchanging could be an additional cost, but replacing them with rechargeable ones will save you some money.

No loose ends. This kind of traps doesn’t let the rats escape. A two minute electric shock kills anything inside. Exception: dirty metal plates. Be sure the plates are clean, otherwise the electric shock is not strong enough, or the electric circuit won’t open, letting the rat leave unharmed.


Victor Electronic Rat Trap M240

Victor Electronic Rat Trap M240

Victor electronic rat trap zapper ultra RZU001

Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap RZU001

Victor electronic rat trap zapper classic RZC001

Rat Zapper Classic RZC001

Kill per Setting

1 Mouse or Rat

1 Mouse or Rat

1 Mouse or Rat

Kills per Set of Batteries

50 Mice or Rats

60 Mice or Rats

20 Mice or Rats

Batteries Required

4 “C” batteries

4 “D” batteries

4 “AA” batteries





Kill Indicator




Battery Life

1 year in standby mode

2 years in standby mode

1 year in standby mode

Fire Hazard





When to use?

Ideally, you would use this device for low number of rats. I know you can’t count the individuals, but make an estimation based on this:

  • How often you spot a rat
  • Feeding facilitation. If rats have easy access to food, they tend to overpopulate
  • Great hidden places for nesting are an important factor
  • Already used rodent control products or not (this could be a key factor)
  • Barn cats or farm cats. Even if they don’t feed too often on rats, a barn cat could contribute to keeping under control a rat population

Knowing this, let’s assume you are dealing with a few individuals. A victor electronic rat trap would be a suitable choice. It works great killing one rat at a time and it does an exceptional job killing the new arrived rats . Unfortunately rats migrate, so even if you solve your own problem, you could be hosting rats again when they move from one location to another. They are migrating when food and nesting places are no longer available. Overpopulation or natural calamities could also trigger a rat instinct to move out. So keeping 2-3 electronic rat traps in strategically positions could save you from a lot of trouble. Buying a few traps even if you don’t have rats, and keep them active, will eventually prove to be a very smart move.

How and where to use

The first step is powering the trap. Remove the battery cover, insert appropriate batteries and replace the cover. The next step is placing the bait. Every victor electronic rat trap has small holes in the back door, to put the bait in. Make sure the trap is off, before baiting it.

Two crucial factors when baiting the trap

  • Pre-baiting. Even if you are impatient, place the bait without powering the trap for a week or so or until rats start feeding on it without hesitation. This will greatly increase you kill chance.
  • Use rubber gloves, Q-picks, toothpicks or any other tool so your scent is not transferred to the trap or the bait.

Make a visual plan for trap placing, so you don’t have to move them afterwards. Otherwise rats will get suspicious and they will avoid the trap. Always place them in their movement paths: lengthwise along a wall with the entrance hole nearest the wall, near hiding objects, dark corners or feeding places. Keep in mind that you have to facilitate the rat’s access in any circumstance.

Once baited and placed in position, turn the power on. One green blink will assure you the trap is working properly. A victor electronic rat trap will signal every kill by a blinking green light.

The electric system

The traps are equipped with a smart circuit technology, which senses a rodent entering the trap. The circuit is open, until a rodent steps on the metal plates, closing the circuit. Then a 7000 volt-charge strikes the rodent up to two minutes, killing it. You would say the time length is too much for this job, but rats are known to restart their hearts after electric shocks. This unbelievable aspect, keeps them from dying when gnawing on electrical wires.

The red light flashing led signals to change the batteries (not included when buying the product). Save money by replacing normal batteries with rechargeable ones.

Disposal of rats and safety measures

Always wear rubber gloves when handling the traps or dead rats, but you don’t have to touch the dead rat. Just tilt the trap and let the rat slide into a plastic bag or the garbage can. Clean the trap after each kill. Remove the batteries first.

It may sound disgusting, but the trap makes a clean kill. You will only have to clean the food remains, to protect the metal plates from corrosion or rust. Always use a clean cloth with unscented dish detergent. Let the trap air dry before replacing the batteries and powering on the unit.

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