Rat Snap Traps. Filling the Gaps

A rat snap trap is a device activated by a sensitive spring, which is triggered by the rodent, snapping with great force to instantly kill the rodent. Apart from the older wooden version with basic design, there are multiple other types on the market, mostly built from strong plastic. The new designs offers a better grip by interlocking teeth, and better rodent attraction with an incorporated bait holder.

Disposing of the Reluctant Individuals Using Rat Snap Traps


Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Trap

Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Trap

Rat snap traps are meant to catch only one rat at a time, so using multiple devices is recommended. If you deal with a large population of rats this method is not highly effective, instead it goes great in combination with other mass eradicating methods. It’s extremely efficient at catching the toxin resistant individuals, and the ones too shy to get caught in cage or electric traps.

The old basic version is built from a metal bar attached by rectangular piece of wood, activated by a spring. That model is still working well, although it has some flaws: the rodent may escape and dying somewhere else, it’s pretty difficult to set and mount the bait and the mechanism may rust which leads to malfunction. The newer versions are built to avoid these kind of flaws, to have a longer life and better kill percentage. Setting up is fairly easy, most of the models can be activated by foot and have disposable feeding cups, so replacing the bait can be done without resetting the trap. No need to get your hands near the business end, or activating/deactivating the trap just to replace the bait.

For better efficiency and lower waiting time, set the traps near walls, in dark corners of the attic or strap them onto some pipes. Does not work very well with mice, since they are too small and fit in without triggering the trap. Placing the rat snap traps with one side at a wall or other object has another advantage: it doesn’t allow the rat to feed from one side, which could give it the chance to escape.

We recommend a bait station if you must place the snap traps in pets or children reach. A bait station is a protective container, which holds the trap and extra bait and attractant.

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